Black Solidarity and the Quest of a Non-Racial Humanity: Biko’s Enduring Political Dilemma

Dr M John Lamola  writes that, Steve Biko’s philosophy of Black Consciousness argued that a racially defined black solidarity could bring about a nonracial future in South Africa. This apparent paradox calls for an examination of the dialectical thinking upon which it was built.  Black solidarity, “the realisation by blacks of the need to rally around... Continue Reading →


Community Responses to Declining Industries

Mondli Hlatshwayo, senior researcher in the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation at the University of Johannesburg, argues that it is time for a systematic and concrete analysis of developments within poor, working class communities. He argues that there is a need for progressive organizations in marginalised communities to consider collective responses where unemployment and... Continue Reading →

Confronting Inequality in South Africa

THIS IS THE BACKGROUND PAPER FOR IFAA's FORTHCOMING CONFERENCE ON INEQUALITY. THURSDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER 2017, JOHANNESBURG *This paper will appear in New Agenda Issue 66 “We know from historical experience that if inequality is not addressed through peaceful means and peaceful democratic institutions it’s always potentially a source of violence.”   Thomas Piketty   It is... Continue Reading →

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