IFAA Commentary

Follow the links for IFAA commentary on issues in Industrial Policy, The Crisis in Higher Education in SA, General Economic Policy, Social and Political Issues and other topics. Links to articles published in previous editions of New Agenda can also be found below.

Industrial Policy: Beneficiation and minerals based industrialisation

*Discussion Paper:   The Scope for Domestic Value Addition in a Mining Economy: The South African Case 

September 2015     Minerals Policy and its Regulatory Regime-Rungan (NA)

The Crisis in Higher Education in South Africa

January 2017         Neoliberalism and the Crisis in Higher Education in South Africa (NA)

September 2016    The philosophical underpinnings of Afrocentric Curriculum-Sesanti (NA)

September 2016    Decolonial Humanism: A Response to Sesanti- Smith and Tivaringe (NA)

January 2016        We Shall not be Moved- Naidoo (NA)

September 2015    RhodesMustFall: A comment-Sesanti (NA)

September 2015    TRC “Born-Free” Dialogue- Lester (NA)

Economic Policy

May 2016          The Architecture of South Africa’s Political Economy- Turok (NA)

May 2016          Economic Policy Dialogue IFAA 2016- (NA)

January 2016    The Global Market Economy is not Working-Stiglitz (NA)

September 2015 A response to IMF advice on Fiscal Policy-Jordan (NA)

September 2015 States, Development and Macroeconomic Policy- Padayachee (NA)

June 2015          The IMF advice on SA Fiscal Policy- IMF (NA)

Social and Political Issues

January 2016    Defending the Judges-Bennum (NA)

January 2016   Corruption and Path Dependence in SA- Friedman (NA)

January 2016 Not a Crisis: A response to Bennum -Jeffery (NA)



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