Latest New Agenda

New Agenda’s aim is is to foster democratic participation in South Africa’s economic, social and political life by pursuing a deeper understanding of our socioeconomic system, while emphasizing the need for substantive transformation.

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New Agenda is available in select CNA, Exclusive Books, Spar and other outlets nation-wide. Attend an IFAA event for a free copy of the journal.

NA 66 Cover

Articles include: Luke Jordan on “The mandate of the SARB,” IFAA on “Confronting Inequality” and Ari Sitas on “Decolonisation”


Past Editions

Editions 53 – 66 of New Agenda are available on Sabinet.


New Agenda 66

New Agenda 65

New Agenda 64


New Agenda 63

New Agenda 62

New Agenda 61



New Agenda 60

New Agenda 59

New Agenda 58

New Agenda 57



New Agenda 56

New Agenda 55

New Agenda 54

New Agenda 53


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