Economic Policy since the transition: Socially oriented to Market oriented

Zunaid Moola, Deputy Editor of New Agenda, presented this paper at the IFAA Forum in March 2017. Zunaid discusses shifts in government economic policy away from the progressive and socially oriented RDP and MERG report to the free-market and neoliberal GEAR.  As we look back to 1994, it is useful firstly to understand the context... Continue Reading →


South Africa’s Lopsided Economy

By Ben Turok,  The author is an economist, former ANC member of parliament and the editor of New Agenda. This article originally appeared in New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy, Issue 66.     State capture may have dominated the headlines this past year but the legacy of an unequal society... Continue Reading →


Industrial Policy: Beneficiation and minerals based industrialisation  January 2015   Mineral Value Chain: Agenda for Action  February 2015  Beneficiation: The obstacle of import parity pricing February 2015  Cape Town Mining Lekgotla June 2015 Report on Expert Meeting on Mineral Value Chains June 2015 Industry adds value *Conference: August 2013: Interface between Mining and Manufacturing (IFAA, IDC... Continue Reading →

IFAA Latest Statement on FeesMustFall

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) sympathises with all students and staff involved in the FeesMustFall protest across the country. IFAA will continue to support this movement in its commitment to realize the founding ideals of our democracy as enshrined in the Freedom Charter. In our previous statement we warned against the criminalisation of this... Continue Reading →

IFAA Statement on Student Fees Protest

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) notes that the student movement has rallied young people to come together to insist on inclusive, quality education for all. We offer the following points: The protest action on university campuses across the country expresses legitimate concerns and grievances. The issue of fee increases and the exclusion of students... Continue Reading →

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