Since 2011, IFAA has focused on the area of mineral beneficiation and value addition in the South African and African mining economy. IFAA’s research is geared at influencing economic policy decision makers to leverage the mineral sector for industrialisation, both locally and regionally. In this way, our research aims to contribute to the eradication of Africa’s colonial legacy.

In 2016 IFAA completed a major study for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) titled: “Minerals are not forever: A study of minerals and industrialisation in South Africa.” IFAA’s work was supported by a number of expert academics in the field. See the “Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations” of this report (here).

In 2017 IFAA’s research team focuses on understanding the potential for South Africa to lead regional industrialisation on the principle of mutual benefit and genuine collaboration. Integration is seen to be the key to achieve substantive economic transformation across the continent.