Student and Youth Department

The Student & Youth Department aims to establish a community and network for progressive students and youth in Cape Town. Our Forums, Courses and Book Club all aim to achieve that.


The IFAA Forum

The IFAA Forum provides a platform for young progressives to share academic work and debate topical issues. The IFAA forum, along with our courses, book clubs, and publications, aims to strengthen progressive consciousness across the Western Cape.

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IFAA has hosted wide range of forums with topics such as “Decolonising Higher Education: Post Colonial Theory and The Invisible Hand of Student Politics” and “Capitalism in Africa: An Extension and Expansion of Slavery”. The attendees of the forums are encouraged to critically and constructively engage with presentations at the Forums.

The IFAA Book ClubPhilosophy pb DEMY

Reading Chibber’s “Post-Colonial Theory and the Specter of Capital”

IFAA’s Student and Youth department has also been conducting a fortnightly Book Club on Vivek Chibber’s “Post-Colonial Theory and the Specter of Capital”. Chibber’s work is a critique of Post-Colonial theory and has received wide acclaim within the academy.

Once the reading of Chibber’s work is complete we will focus on reading “The Unresolved National Question in South Africa: Left thought under apartheid” edited by Edward Webster and Karin Pampallis.

Political Education Course



Monwabisi, a student in the course, sharing his views with the class

In addition to the Forums and Book Clubs, IFAA in collaboration with INDONI ACTT has run a Politics and Identity Course for Indoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy. The Course has focussed on Politics, History, Economics and Personal Identity. Our goal is to promote civic engagement and engender a progressive political consciousness in these young students.

One of the more important aspects of the lessons has been relating the socioeconomic and political issues in the country to the personal lives of the students. To find out more about the course please contact us.